Nirvana Memorial Garden – Semenyih

NV-Garden-Semenyih-2The serene Nirvana Memorial Garden in Semenyih covers a total of 209 acres and is located next to Nirvana Memorial Park, just 2 km away. It has specific zones that cater to the needs of Buddhists, Taoists and Christians. Within its grounds are the Artistic Garden, Theme Garden, Christian Memorial Garden and a Christian Columbarium.

NV-Garden-Semenyih-1NV Seed, sitting against west while embracing east, is a thoughtfully designed memorial park aimed at harnessing the auspicious ‘qi’ from the east for a harmonious setup. A dragon lair inspired Fengshui is fringed by undulating mountains where the ‘qi’ is born and traversed. The earth formations, including the mountains and waterways, signify the veins that carry the blood of the dragon flowing through the earth pathways. A dragon lair inspired Fengshui means riding on the stout back of a dragon backed by the prime mountain range with expansive sheltered openings on both sides where the presence of auspicious ‘qi’ is abundant .This is made perfect with the presence of swirling waterways amid layers of undulating mountains, gushing out streams of auspicious ‘qi’ where they are then gathered and spread onto a land of fortune. This makes Nirvana’s Dragon Lair Inspired Memorial Park a much sought after fine craft, which can be likened to a chance –of-a-lifetime opportunity.

Nirvana Memorial Garden
Address: Jalan Kachau, Batu 6, Selangor, 43500 Semenyih, Malaysia
Phone:+60 1-800-88-1818
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)