Tien Bao Memorial Garden

Tien-Bao-3TIEN BAO MEMORIAL GARDEN is designed according to the modern aspect of memorial park in architecture and concept. Elegant yet simple, Tien Bao Memorial Garden portrays a modern columbarium without compromising the true meaning of a traditional columbarium, which is designated for remembering the deceased, expressing peace and tranquillity. Conveniently located among Ipoh’s famous limestone hills, Tien Bao Memorial Garden is complimented with an appealing scenery and serene environment.

Tien-Bao-1The evolution of Columbarium has been a drastic up-growth. The feeling of eerie, disheartening and spooky outmoded cemetery has been evolved over the years. To carry out the designation of remembering the deceased members, peace, tranquillity and most importantly, well organized structural and management are essential.TIEN BAO MEMORIAL GARDEN is put together by impressionist and inspiration from Taiwan. Therefore, the perspective and experience absorbed from Taiwan brought TIEN BAO MEMORIAL GARDEN a new concept like no others in Ipoh.

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